Tourism in Dordogne

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The Périgord Noir is the most popular touristic place in the Dordogne region, located between the Vézère et Dordogne, the “RivièreEspéreance” loved by Christian Signol. Truelove land of gastronomies, it reveals through the stages and likings of the seasons its great opulence and always invite you to travel and discover an exceptional patrimony.
Maybe there’s not a coincidence that this “terra firma”/homeland is qualified as a “country man” because is the man himself who has chosen to start living here many time ago at the dawn of humanity and leaving behind explicit traces such as many extraordinary masterpieces kept in recent days.As in evidence you will find the Lascaux paints and the other 15 classified prehistoric sites by the UNESCO.
Castles and manors, Romanesque churches, beautiful classified villages and fortified towns distinguished this region only for the pleasure of patrimony building lovers. Art and history are combined here to offer to all visitors the exceptional discovery surprises.
Among the beautiful sites, the lovers of the nature and outdoors amateurs will find in Dordogne – Périgord Noir region a true purpose, becausethey may enjoy the gladness of water (fishing, dipping, practice the canoe-kayak in the river), hiking, riding or cycling, golf, climbing and speleology.

– Canoe stop at Thonac (05 53 50 67 71)
– Bowling field “Petanque game”
– Tennis courts (Montignac, 5 kms)
– Riding stable (Sergeac, 2 kms, 05 53 50 86 46 – Tammniès, 7 kms, 05 53 29 68 62)
– Mini golf (Saint-Pierre loisirs, Montignac 6 kms, 05 53 51 82 32)
– Sport fields (Montignac 5 kms, St-Léon sur Vézère, 4 kms)
– Course in trees parks (St-Léon sur Vézère 4 kms, Thenon 12 kms)
– Mountain bike leasing (VTT)- (Montignac, 5 kms)

In the heart of Périgord Noir, The Vézère river, ultimate source of the humanity, edged by amazing cliffs overlooking the river. Into this magnificent landscape,there are an abundance of fish. White fish (roach, bleak, chub fish) and carnivorous (pike, zander, perch).
– Our big private fishpond at Saint-Chabran, located at 1,5 km from the Hotel, has been conceived to practice the free fishing (without the permissions cards), for walking or simply to relax under many poplar trees.
– The Vézère river is located at only 100 mts from the hotel, fishing is authorized only with a permission cards. In sell at Montignac (05 53 50 06 85)
– Body of water at Fongran, 1st category fishpond, located at 3 kms from Thonac.
– Pond of Tamniès, (located at 8 kms fromTamniès)at 6,8kms from Thonac, here season for fishing is open from 1st may to 31th December. Swimming is allowed. Permissions cards are mandatory, withdraws at the mayor’s house.

There’s in Perigord more than 1.130 kms of trails for trekking (GR), for instance the GR 36 crosses many prehistoric sites from the Vézère Valley. For this purpose, the local community has created different circuits throughout the trails which already exists and among the valley, there are several trails which starts from Thonac. Sheets for hiking are available at the desk.
This trails are also attended by others activities such as riding and the mountain bike.

– The Thot, Cro-Magnon space (Thonac, 2 kms)
To the visit of Lascaux 4, the cro-magnon space propose another point of view of the cave’s arts and as a complement of Lascaux 4. There’s also a mini-zoo inside to enjoy as well.
– Losse castle (Thonac, 1 km)
Lossecasle is classified as historical monument since 1928 it is the most famous place between Lascaux 4 and the prehistoric national museum of The Eyzies. The medieval fortress overview from the Vézère Valley. You will enjoy delighting French garden.
– Castel-Merle caverns (Sergea, 3 kms)
This prehistoric site offers at least 10 extradionary caverns, occupied by the Neanderthal men and later on by the Cro-Magnon (atelier for beginner adapted to children).
– Lascaux 4 (Montignac, 5 kms)
The world’s most famous and most visited painted caves in the world,is located next to real cave. From October 2016 you will enjoy the brand-new “fac-similé” of Lascaux 4. The biggest project ever conceived in the region.
– the “Roque Saint-Christophe” cavern (Peyzac, 7 kms)
Between Eyzies and Montignac, the cliffs of Roque Saint-Christophe dominate the Vézère river. Amazing astonished rock shapes and also by time of antiquity and men’s occupation. This great rock walls the at least 1 km of large and 80 mts feet, has been digged to make hundreds of habitations.
– Prehistoric National Museum (Eyzies, 15 kms)
Its goal is to show you the different cultures from the paleolithique phase, such as the oldest traces of men. You will find an exhibition of tools, art’s objects, extinct animals to understand evolutions of societies since 400.000 years.

For more information, please contact the website from the Departmental Committee of tourism (CDT) 24 at

During all year, our villages et littles towns lives around the celebration of weekly street markets/bazaars/flea market. For growers is the perfect opportunity to propose their products, e.g. fruits and vegetables, cheese farm, olive oils, nut oils, special honeys, in brief their all know-how from terroir. This is their favorite place to sell all products from our land.
Les Eyzies (monday), Le Bugue (thuesday), Salignac-eyvigues (thuesday), Montignac (wednesday and saturday), Sarlat (wednesday and saturday), Périgueux (wednesday and saturday), Domme (thursday), Terrasson (thursday), Rouffignac (sunday) et Saint-Geniès (sunday).

May: Les arts en Folies de Sarlat
July: Les chemins de l’imagineaire de Terrasson
July to August: Festival des jeux de Théâtre de Sarlat
July: Festival folklorique, musique du monde de Montignac
August: Les festival de mime de Périgueux (MIMOS)
July and August: Musiques de la Nouvelles-Orléans – Jazz (MNOP) – Valley Vézère
October: Festival de Périgord Noir, musique classique à Saint-Léon
November: Festival du film de Sarlat
Beginning of August: Fêtes de Thonac et de Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère
Middle August: Féte de Valojoulx et Saint-Geniès download